You're on my Team ... and You Don't Even Know It

At risk of sounding hopelessly uncool by using ancient slang: I wouldn't be where I am without my "peeps." You know... my people. The excellent friends, contacts, and business partners who help me get stuff done.

The experts tell you "have a team" and "build your system by outsourcing." I used to think I had do it all myself because I couldn't afford to pay someone to do things. And that I should be able to do it on my own.

I know better now. I have an extensive team of people who help me get things done, maintain things, and learn stuff.

Funny part is that many of them don't know that I consider them to be part of my "team." And they are people you might not normally think would be part of a business person's team. But anyone who uses their expertise to provide a service that I need regularly, and who does it in a way that saves me time, effort or even money... they are part of my team.

The people I work with at the Clovis Chamber (of course), the Ambassadors Committee (of course), and my husband (of course). But also on my team? Sophia, who cuts my hair. Jill Hendrickson, who is my book coach. Siran, who runs Orphan Annies. And my new best friends forever? The ladies at Sunny Chinese Massage at First and Bullard (ahhh, good-bye stiff neck).

I think it's important to think of people who help you and provide services as "being on your team." It reminds you of how interconnected we all are. And you'll treat people in a way that is different in a really positive way that they might not be able to put their finger on, but they'll appreciate.

Are you secretly on my team? If I treat you good, you probably are!

Thanks Team.

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