My Five Secrets to Success with Membership in the Fresno Women’s Network

I have used these five strategies to gain tremendous benefits from my membership in the Fresno Women’s Network.


I first joined the network nearly 10 years ago. That’s almost half the lifetime of the FWN. Even if you just joined today, you too can have longevity. Just stick around for the rest of the decade. By 2020, you’ll have been involved for a third of the lifetime of the network.


I joined the network and then I stayed a member and showed up on a regular basis. When you’re consistent, you become trusted. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. They have to see you around to get to know you.


I was encouraged to sign up for a committee when I first joined. From the PR committee, I became the first chairwoman of the Website committees. The Fresno Women’s Network has a plethora of committees. By joining a committee you become visible to the entire membership of the network.


I have a strong affinity and a close connection to the members of the network because we all have something in common. Besides being women, we also all value networking and relationships. That’s what consanguinity means, having a close relationship or connection. Networking is easier with people you already have a connection to.


I can always count on a happy meeting and a good laugh with my friends at the network. For example, during a recent meeting, I posted a picture to Facebook. On my way to the ladies room, another member teased me about Facebooking during the meeting. Wait a minute - there was only one way she would have known that! I still laugh about that one. Sharing laughter and humor brings us closer together. And it gives us strength when we have to share the tears.

Thank you for letting me be part of such a wonderful organization. I wish all of you the same success with the Fresno Women’s Network.

P.S. This also works for any other organization you might be interested in, such as the Clovis Chamber of Commerce.

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