Want to Catch What's Going Around?

Seems that the swine flu scare is about over. An article in our local paper said that it's not as virulent and doesn't seem to be spreading as they thought. The only thing that most people caught from each other was fear.

It's funny how contagious our concerns and attitudes can be. Ever been in a happy mood, then went to lunch with a couple other people who were gloomy? Guess what, you were probably gloomy, too, by the time lunch was done.

Or, if you're a little down, but spend some time with your friends who are always upbeat and make you laugh and you'll feel better. Monday mornings are a drag, but I have my Toastmasters club meeting at noon. I always feel uplifted and ready to go by the time we're done.

This is one of the unexpected benefits of networking. You'll spend time with people who are usually positive and forward-thinking. They feel good because they are taking action toward their goals. The energy will be contagious.

So think really hard about the kind of people you spend time with. Do some networking to get a boost. And when you sneeze, use your sleeve.

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