Are Toastmasters Natural Networkers?

Not familiar with Toastmasters? It's a world-wide organization dedicated to helping people improve their communication and leadership skills. Meetings include prepared speeches and extemporaneous speeches, as well as the opportunity to take leadership roles in the meetings. It's helped millions of people around the world improve their speaking skills.

As I sit here in the lobby of the Bakersfield Marriott, waiting for hospitality night to kick off the event, I wonder if Toastmasters have a natural edge in networking.
  • Toastmasters are good communicators. Networking takes excellent communications.
  • Toastmasters are excellent, trained listeners. Networking takes good listening skills.
  • But are Toastmasters extroverts? Put on the brakes! I suspect many Toastmasters are actually introverts. But that's okay - you don't have to be an extrovert to be a good networker.
Want to improve your networking skills? Try Toastmasters. You'll boost your confidence, learn better communication skills, and you'll make some great friends!


  1. I think that Toastmasters trains people to be better networkers. The table topics, a section where members are asked to give a short impromptu talk on a random topic, forces you to think and be ready on your feet. With that self-confidence, it's much easier to approach someone and start a conversation.
    That, and people join Toastmasters for two reasons: 1) they think they speak well, and want to hone that skill, or 2) they hate speaking but require it for work, so go through this training. Either way, these people have already chosen to put themselves on the line. Networking one-on-one is usually less intimidating then.

  2. So true. So true, Oh wise one.