You're in a Networking Rut, Now What?

Developing a pattern of networking can be very beneficial. Once you've made a habit of networking, consistency is no longer a problem. And consistent, regular appearances are a foundation of a great networking strategy.

But if you've been attending the same organization meetings, with the same people, and the same agenda year after year, it's not a good habit anymore. You're in a rut.

You left your comfort zone of home and office to start networking. It was awkward at first, but you gradually became comfortable with your group. Too comfortable.

If you're not meeting a handful of new people at every one of your favorite organization's meetings, it's time to add a new group or range further out for your activities. Don't drop the old organizations. Like the Girl Scout song says: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

I've been a member of the Fresno Women's Network for nearly 10 years, but the group is dynamic and always growing, so I meet new people at every meeting. And, I've been working for the Clovis Chamber for six years, but again, new people are joining all the time.

Are you in a rut? Get yourself out now, before you can't see over the sides.

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  1. I've been networking long enough to confirm what you are saying. It really is about a disciplined and sustained effort over time.

    Throw in a regular addition of new faces, and networking will be a powerful addition to your marketing portfolio.

    Beth, I have also been a part of networking groups with closed membership and limited guests. How do you make these work?