Are You in a Networking Rut?

Today I was the guest speaker for the Fresno Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers. My presentation on networking that I give to job seekers and new members tends to be geared toward the more basic aspects of networking, because many of the people in those groups are new to business or haven't been networking.

I had expected that the today's group would include a lot of people who are fairly new to the financial planning industry and that's how I put together my presentation. So it set me back for a few minutes when I saw that the vast majority of the group were experienced business people. Well, even experienced people need a refresher once in a while, I told myself.

The presentation was well received, they were an attentive and appreciative audience. Afterward the President of the Chapter made a few comments and asked the audience how many of them were involved in other organizations besides NAIFA. I was surprised that less than 10 people (out of 70+) raised their hands.

I guess even experienced people get into a business rut, going to the same luncheons, seeing the same people, and doing the same things. There are so many demands on our time that just keeping up with our existing tasks are exhausting some days. I don't blame them for not getting out more. It can be very difficult.

But, like not being the lead sled dog, the view gets pretty monotonous when you're in a rut. And the deeper it is, the harder to climb out.

Tomorrow's post: How do you know you're in a networking rut?

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