The Networking Motivator Newsletter is Launched

I find myself wishing I could talk to more people on a regular basis to encourage them to "get out there" and promote themselves. I'm very realistic about the challenges we all face in our personal and business lives. Sometimes it's difficult, even for enthusiastic extroverts, to network when it seems that we're all working harder than ever.

So for those who don't have time to read daily blog posts, or who are just looking for a short boost of motivation, I have created The Networking Motivator Newsletter.

This free, twice-weekly newsletter will focus on only one very clear and concise tip, idea, suggestion, or strategy per issue.

I'll provide encouraging ideas, relay motivating success stories and link to helpful resources; whatever it takes to help you be more strategic in your networking efforts.

You can subscribe here. And feel free to share with a friend (especially those who don't get out and network much!).

*I respect your privacy. This list belongs to me personally and will never be sold. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

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