is Giving Away "The Money Tree"

I've been enjoying the blog at The Wealth Spa for some time. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein has attracted an amazing array of guest bloggers to add to her own on-target posts about business, money, and success.

Elizabeth has announced a contest where she'll be giving away three copies of her program "The Money Tree." What perfect timing... I'm at the point where I'm ready to launch my speaking and networking "hobby" into a business. I'm more intimidated by the accounting than the speaking! Here is my contest entry:

My biggest challenge in attracting more money into my business is that I haven't even started bringing money into the business, and yet, I already "know" that I'm going to hate doing the accounting. This is a limiting belief. By telling myself "I hate accounting," I'm already setting myself up for failure. The ironic part is that I teach people how to overcome their obstacles to networking, such as negative beliefs about networking. But here I am, letting my thoughts hinder me.

Elizabeth, I would be a grateful winner of the Money Tree System because it will set me on the earliest possible path to success in my business. Since I'm ready to launch, I'll need to put the system to use right away. I won't have to unlearn or undo any mistakes; I'll be a "clean slate" example for your system. And, my future clients will benefit. I haven't had obstacles to networking, but I'll have overcome this barrier. The experience will help me empathize with my audiences. I'll be my own best example.

I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to the results of this contest!
Do you have a similar experience? Or other reasons why you could use such a system? Please leave a comment here, or visit Elizabeth's post to enter your own submission.

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