A Story About Giving Feedback

At my grandfather's urging, my dad joined the Army in 1960. For the next three years, he was part of the 7th Army Band, stationed in Germany.

My dad hated the Army. It was a lot like M*A*S*H, especially the terrible food. If it wasn't for Tabasco sauce, he would have starved to death (as it was, my mom said he looked like a concentration camp survivor himself when his tour was over).

He and his buddies loved Tabasco. They poured it on everything. One day, in a fit of boredom, they decided to write a letter to the President of the Tabasco company. They told him how much they loved the sauce and how it helped them eat Army food. Once the letter was written, they sent it off and forgot all about it.

Quite some time later, they received a package from the United States. In it was a letter from the President of Tabasco. He told them how it made his day when he opened their letter. He was proud that his product was so vital to them and that he was helping his country's members of the military.

In fact, he was so pleased with their letter, he wrote, that he hoped they enjoyed the enclosed case of the brand new Green Tobasco sauce.

Has there been a time when you've received something wonderful in return for unsolicited complimentary feedback?

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