Getting & Giving Feedback

It's a great gift to give someone feedback.

I don't necessarily mean feedback as in "here's what I think you're doing wrong and how to fix it." Unless someone is specifically asking for correction, unsolicited critiques are generally met with a resounding lack of enthusiasm.

The kind of feedback I'm referring to is a general response to someone letting them know they've been heard, or noticed, or appreciated. Too often we're ignored if we're doing a good job and then criticized if there's a mistake.

And sometimes we just want to know if anyone is listening. We need to know that we're not talking to ourselves, or shouting into the wind.

Here's the very nice thing about feedback: usually if you give some, you'll get some back!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you a story about some feedback my Dad gave someone and what came of it.

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  1. Beth - just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your posts. They are always helpful, insightful, and make me rethink how I interact with people. Many thanks!