More Talking to Strangers

Apparently I'm not the only person who talks to strangers!

If you read the comments on yesterday's post, note the comment from James (the second one). I've met James before and then ran into him at a business trade show Thursday morning. We walked and talked on our way to Starbucks. We then struck up a conversation with a friendly fellow named T'shaka while waiting in line. What did we talk about? Coffee, of course.

That's one of the "tricks" to talking with strangers. Make your comments very strictly related to your situation. How long the line is, how much you like coffee, or the age-old standby - the weather. Of course in Fresno, it's "OMG I can't believe how hot it is" for most of the year, which doesn't leave the other person much more to say except for "I know, it's so hot."

Another tip is to not ask a question. Make a statement, but just put it out there like you could be talking to yourself. That way if they don't want to talk, you're not forcing them to respond. They can ignore it. Or, they can respond back and you've got the conversational ball moving along.

Hey James, we had fun that morning, but you totally missed it in the afternoon. When I went for another cup of coffee, I didn't have to start the conversation. Hoss did.

Hoss is about 6'5", works for a process server... and a florist! He was as nice and congenial and polite as they come. I don't think Hoss could not talk to strangers. And I bet everyone talks back, too.

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