Do You Talk to Strangers?

We were all taught as children to not talk to strangers. I'm sure my parents tried as hard as anyone else, but as soon as I could talk, I spoke to anyone and everyone.

My poor Mom, if she turned her back on me in a department store, I was gone. But not to worry! I would end up chatting away with the ladies at the checkout.

I still talk to "strangers" every day. Other people fascinate me. I usually find them charming; and if they're not charming, they are still interesting.

On Thursday I was part of a day-long event with a trade show and seminars. I talked to new people all day long as they visited the Clovis Chamber booth. No problem, that's what we're supposed to do at a trade show (or any other networking forum). But I also talk to people when I'm in line for lunch or coffee.

I think a lot of people are fine with talking to strangers, but they don't want to start the conversation. They worry that they'll be rebuffed or that the other person will turn out to be a stalker (I guess). Whatever their reasons, I find that most of the time they are willing to converse, as long as someone else starts it.

Do you talk to strangers? Please comment and let me know if you do, where and when.


  1. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one;). I tend to talk to strangers in line but then I have 4 kids so that is often a conversation starter.

  2. I'm one of those that usually doesn't initiate a conversation with a stranger, unless something about them compels me to. But I definitely don't shy away from conversation - especially in this town. Everyone has a unique story, or passion, or business, and I like to hear those.
    It's funny that you write this, though; your willingness to strike up conversation was something I noted as we stood in line at Starbucks Thursday!

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I do, but really only in "social" settings such as at a bar out with friends, a sporting event, concert, etc. I am not as open to speaking to whoever when I'm at the grocery store or getting food somewhere, not sure why that is just a different kind of comfort zone at the other places! :)

    -Austin (from WebLink)