Sometimes It All Comes Together

Some days, networking feels like enjoyable work that's not going anywhere. You're meeting people, getting to know them, getting your name out there, but nothing seems to be happening. Oh, but it is!

Kind of like growing radishes ... all the good stuff is happening beneath the surface. Until one day you pull on what's showing on top and up comes a delicious, crunchy radish.

Here's how I know the work we're doing at the Clovis Chamber to develop relationships is working: last night at the Clovis Advantage Trade Show, we signed up ten new members to the Chamber. Imagine writing a contract with ten new clients in 3 hours. That's one very 18 minutes.

This was the result of 1) building our reputation 2) growing relationships with our Ambassadors and members who referred several of those new people and 3) presenting everything from the perspective of the new member. Who cares how they benefits the Chamber?! It's all about us filling their needs. And their satisfaction will benefit the Chamber.

Thank you to everyone who attended, all the Ambassadors, and our new members.

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