What Ben Stein Said at Fresno State

Tonight, Ben Stein addressed a sell-out crowd at Fresno State on what's ruining America and how to save it. First, let me say that the very dry and wry delivery you've seen on TV is not an act. Second, I hope that Mr. Stein is not the last speaker to address this issue in Fresno.

His presentation was powerful and disturbing. Here's the summary:
  • America is currently being run by a kleptocracy consisting of Wall Street execs, corporations, government officials, speculators, and anyone else who could get their hands on large sums of money.
  • These people (the kleptocrats) have no ethical foundation and see us (the common working people) as "targets" to be looted and fleeced for everything we have. They do not see us as human beings, so they do not care what the consequences are to us.
  • If America is to survive, we much see each other as helpers to our fellow citizens; we must care for each other and insist that other people do the same.
  • The best investment right now is the belief in the worth of other human beings.
Unfortunately, Mr. Stein says the best solution is to correct our monetary policy, which is still in the hands of the kleptocracy. Besides never voting for an incumbent again, I'm still not sure what else we the people can do.

Well, I know one thing: the easiest way to see other people as worthy human beings is to get to know as many people as possible. Sounds like more networking is a big part of the solution!

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