What Can You Give in Social Media

If you're new to social media and this whole "cyberspace" thing, you've got to be curious about what you can actually give someone. Here are 5 ways to give to your online friends:

1. Relevant information

Please - if I get "This was in USA Today so it must be true, Microsoft is giving money for forwarding emails" just one more time ....

Give information that is relevant and timely to the person (or people) you are sharing it with. This can be in the form of a website link, a blog post, a picture, a news item, etc. It must somehow benefit or educate or enlighten them somehow.

2. Introduce them to someone they want to "meet"

Pass on that LinkedIn introduction request! Unless they are very obviously going to bother that person, of course, but that's what social networking is for. And don't wait for them to ask ... make a suggestion if you see they have a need.

3. If you blog, give them a mention

And link back to one of their relevant blog posts. The interweaving of blogs, links, Twitter profiles, etc. will not only help them, it will strengthen your entire network.

4. Comment on their blog

This is how bloggers know that someone is listening. A blog is meant to be a conversation, not a monologue. Don't lurk, participate!

5. Send them something on Facebook

I was initially very skeptical of this and stayed out of the whole "You received a frosty beer" and "You've received a 'lil green patch" thing. Then my friend Melaney Shaum told me how she sends all her new friends a flower (that I can't spell). It's created conversations and deepened relationships. But if you send them one and they ignore, don't keep sending.


  1. Beth - Thanks for all this information and as you know, I find talking to you about social networking is always a sharing experience. You are one of the best networkers I know.

  2. Beth - what is your opinion on linking your Twitter updates to your Facebook page - meaning that whenever you send out a new tweet (not an @reply)it appears in your FB status bar?