Why Social Media Giving Can be Easy

I mentioned to someone who doesn't go online that it's sometimes easier to give to your social media friends than in person. They looked at me like I was making things up (I never make things up, I just tell the story in a more interesting way).

But you see their point, right? "How," they wonder, "can it be easier to give to people when you only interact with them in the electronic world?"

First, here some examples of why "giving" in the in person world is difficult:
  • If you are actually buying a gift, you have to go to the store, pick something out, and hope they like it. And, stuff costs money these days.
  • You found a magazine article that's relevant to their business. Do you fax it? Mail it? Carry it around for two weeks hoping you'll run into them?
  • You've got a lead for them. Do you call your friend with the prospect standing right there? Or do you make a mental note and then promptly forget?
Now, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek but here's why it's so easy to give through social media:
  • Found information on a website that you know they'd like? A few clicks and they have it.
  • Want to help them with a problem or question? One click and you've retweeted it. Or you can poll your contacts and have the answer within minutes.
  • Got a lead for them? Send one email to both the prospect and the business. Everyone is on the same page.
Do you see the theme? It's
I see or read something you might like, and I can immediately bring it to your attention. If I want to help you with a problem that I have no clue about, I can rapidly poll a lot of people who probably know the answer. Or who are willing to tap into their contacts if they don't know the answer.

Tomorrow: What exactly can you give someone you've never met in person?

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