Should I Link All My Accounts?

Todd Schnick commented about yesterdays post (he read it and then gave back), asking if I think we should link our Twitter posts to Facebook. Thanks Todd! And thank you to Suzanne Moles who is a great giver by leading people in the Fresno area onto social networking sites.

Should you have your "tweets" post to Facebook? I guess it depends on how you Tweet, what you're doing with Twitter, and how you use Facebook. Personally, I don't do that because I carry on conversations on Twitter, which would look strange on Facebook (seeing only one side of a conversation). And, I think my audience is different for each site, so they might not be interested in hearing the same things.

If you're on 42 different social networking site, yes, maybe you want to repost from one account to another to save time. But to me, the purpose of these sites is to develop personal relationships, not so much advertising. So I think I'll keep them separate for now.

Oh! Except for Plaxo which (to me) doesn't have any interaction anyway :-)


  1. Beth, I used to have Twitter auto-updating my Facebook status and it got way too confusing for my Facebook friends. The disconnected statements just didn't make sense on Facebook.

    I can see using a service like to update your "status" on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, I've used it, too, and it usually doesn't make sense when viewed on each of the networks. While I completely understand the "need" for a single place to update your status, I think each of the networks is different and (as you state) you are likely to use them differently.

    Isn't that the point of social networking/social media?.....engaging your audiences in their communities and having personal conversations? It seems that a "universal" conversation wouldn't accomplish what you want.

  2. You are right, two different entities as your Tweet group grows.

  3. Hey Beth...

    One way to have Tweets on FB seem less disconnected is to start your Twitter convos w/"@whoever". Tweets beginning with @ don't update on FB.