A Tale of Two Networkers Revisited

Remember my friend from "A Tale of Two Networkers?" He said he didn't need more friends right now. I was bemused but not amused.

Guess who emailed me today for help with something? At first, I was a little indignant and enjoyed the flagrant irony of the moment. But then I revised my thoughts on why he would say something like that and still look for help from me.
  1. He's stressed about the economy like everyone else is. That is understandable. And what he said wasn't hateful or nasty, just a little ... abrupt.

  2. His definition of "friend" is different from mine.
He's probably thinking of "friend" as someone you'd hang out and watch sports with. Someone whose company is pleasant and amusing, but not helpful in any sort of business way. If his business is struggling, then he doesn't have time to spare for socializing.

I think of friends very differently. I deliberately decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to keep my "business contacts" from becoming personal friends if there was simpatico. Sure, it's caused a few headaches (you know who you are!), but has been completely worth it.

If you and I have done business, I consider you a friend. And friends help each other with information, resources, and business development. If I have a lot of friends that I've helped, I'm going to enjoy a lot of success.

I hope my networker friend figures that out.

P.S. You don't have to wonder if I helped him, do you?

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  1. Anyone who knows you would not wonder if you helped him! You're always so generous with your help, support and knowledge. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to call you "friend" as well as Friend are truly blessed!