Are You Willing to Pay the Price

I hope you're enjoying the Amgen Tour of California as much as I am, although I think a big part of my enjoyment has been knowing that they are going right by our office tomorrow afternoon! I'm inspired by watching these amazing athletes. Not to get on a bike and ride 100 miles; I'm inspired to keep going and persevere on my personal goals.

(Picture of Tyler Hamilton at the Tour of California by Dan Harrelson)

These athletes are willing to pay the price to compete at this level. If you want to be successful in your life, you also need to be willing to pay the price. Who are you paying and with what? You're paying yourself with time spent studying, learning, and practicing.

It's a very natural desire, to be able to be good at something without spending hours and hours practicing it. But what do you think the difference is between the guys on the Amgen Tour and our couch potato selves (besides about 30% more body fat)? They were willing to get up and out there every single day, paying the price.

Are you willing to pay the price for a vibrant, active and supportive network of relationships? It involves getting up early, staying late, and investing the time. Most people aren't willing to do it, leaving all those interesting business contacts just for you.

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