A Great Day on the Amgen Tour in Clovis

The finish of stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California in Clovis was a complete success! The Clovis Chamber hosted a party for our members who enjoyed great food, a cake, and of course a terrific view of the final sprint to the finish.

Several times today, I went out, took pictures and then posted them everywhere I could (Twitter, Facebook, and even Channel 30's website). After I started getting great comments back from my friends, I realized what a nice thing I was doing for people.

Many of them couldn't be there. And even if they watched it on TV or the Amgen website, they still weren't going to get the flavor of the event from the regular coverage. The pictures I posted were from the setup, of people I know, behind the scenes, crowd shots, and all those little things the mainstream media don't feel are important.

I hope I helped a lot of people feel more connected to the event today. If you want to see a lot more pictures, visit my Facebook page www.BethonFacebook.com

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