Watching the Amgen Tour of California

Since I had the day off, JD and I spent most of the day watching the Amgen Tour stage 2. I'm not really that into bike racing (I'm a NASCAR fan), but I watched it because it was quality time with my husband. And he's really into it.

As we watched, though, I started to get into it and was even able to understand the strategies and tactics by relating it to something I did understand (stock car racing).

Could you do this? Instead of tuning out when new contacts or old friends wax enthusiastic about something you have no interest in, try to:
  • learn why they are so fascinated by it,
  • draw parallels to something you do enjoy,
  • and just take it as a learning experience.
My friend Jen Palmer has no interest in NASCAR at all! But she'll actually bone up on a few facts before she comes over to watch a race, just to be polite. Can you do any less to enhance a friendship?

P.S. The Amgen Tour of California Stage 4 on Wednesday, February 18 is going right past the Clovis Chamber on their way to the finish line about 200 yards away. If you're watching on TV, look for the 2 story yellow building with a shake roof. I'll be right there!

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