"Nice" Really Means Likable

Ron Titus is a friend from Fresno who is now down in Los Angeles. He wrote a message to his LinkedIn contacts with some thoughts about networking.

He asked "How do I set the stage for people so that they are comfortable and not threatened by spending time with me?" (This must be a rhetorical question, because Ron is very likable and not intimidating.) My answer is be nice!

If you're nice, then you're likeable. Tim Sanders, author of "The Likeability Factor" boils it down to four personality traits that make someone likeable:
  • friendliness
  • relevance
  • empathy
  • realness

The argument from some people is that if you're nice, you're boring. But I say if you are likeable, then you're definitely not. Why? I'll spell it out in detail starting tomorrow.

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