Friendliness is a Likable Trait

Continuing on the theme of "nice" vs interesting ...

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Tim Sanders says the first trait of a likable person is friendliness. I think that's pretty obvious. It's hard to dislike someone who is welcoming and appears to like you. If you want to be more likable, you should work hard at liking just about everyone you meet.

The sad part is there are people out there like Corinne "Worst Survivor Ever" Kaplan who see themselves as superior to everyone. You can just see their philosophy of "I'm better than you, you're nothing, so I don't have to like you" written all over everything they do. If you have even the smallest bit of superiority complex, you better root it out now because people will sense it. You can act friendly, but if inside you're telling yourself what a jerk the other person is, they will sense it.

The big question is, how can you like people more when they are SO irritating, ha ha! One of the greatest aphorisms I ever saw was:
People do things that irritate you, not to irritate you.
Did you deliberately do something to irritate another person today? Hm, I guarantee you someone felt annoyed at something you did.

If you take it as a given that 99% of what people do isn't done with malice, it gets a lot easier to like them. Try a whole day with this in mind ... see how it feels.

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