What is a Nice Person?

Yesterday I had coffee with Chris Palmer of Vertex Legal who didn't completely disagree with Corinne "Worst Survivor Ever" Kaplan about "nice" people!

Clearly, there are some negative connotations about "nice." Some use the word to describe people who are pliant, superficial, or mealymouthed. There's a difference between being pleasant and being a "yes-person." How funny that we get upset when people don't agree with us, but call agreeable people boring.

When I use the phrase in association with networking, I mean it in the classic sense of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends & Influence People."

Nice people are interested in other people. They take turns talking, they are interested in finding out what you have in common and they want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Nice people don't drop all pretense of interest when they see you're not ready to buy. They have personalities that are enjoyable to be around. Nice people can still be funny, have strong opinions, and be unique individuals.

P.S. Tomorrow, I answer an interesting question from Ron Titus that he emailed via LinkedIn.

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