If You Must Make Resolutions, Part 5

Networking Resolution #5: I will take my networking seriously.

Don't call it schmoozing or glad handing or partying. Networking is about business, relationships, and people. While there should be a fun side, a lighter tone, and a social aspect to your activities, networking is absolutely vital to your future growth.

If you take networking seriously then you will:
  • Seek out events with like-minded (i.e. serious and sober!) people
  • Follow up on your commitments to people you meet
  • Not blow off RSVP's made because you don't feel like going
  • Focus on relationships, not selling
  • And make sure to give first without expectations.
With just a few hours left in 2008, take a little time to make your own networking resolutions. Let me know what you decide and keep me informed.

Happy New Year!

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