If You Must Make Resolutions, Part 4

Networking Resolution #4: I will not expect quid pro quo.

Unless you're AIG, you don't get something for nothing. You don't gain people's friendship, trust, or referrals until you've shown them that you are friendly, trustworthy, and will take care of the people they send you.

And while the looters may be tearing into the U.S. treasury (and our pockets) like hyenas on an impala carcass, good people like you and I will continue to strengthen our personal networks by giving first, not taking all the meat until the bones are dry.

Some people resist giving to others out of fear they will give and give until nothing is left. Fortunately, in networking, the most valuable commodities never run out. Personally, I imagine that I have a deep well of energy, friendship, and ideas that I share with any of my contacts (whether they can reciprocate or not). Then, if the well starts to run dry, I take a lavender bath and drink a really strong cup of hot tea. That - and the constant return flow of energy, friendship, and help from my network - keeps me going.

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