Zig Ziglar's Holiday Sales Explosion Seminar

I'm on a short break in the middle of a three hour seminar presented by Zig Ziglar and Doug Firebaugh on creating a holiday "sales explosion."

Guess what? It's about networking. After telling us that the next five weeks are a great time to get to know more people and to get to know them better, Doug told us our first steps in building connections was to go as many places as possible. His suggestion for finding events? Call your local Chamber of Commerce. I laughed out loud because it's great to have that kind of recognition, and then I thought of the phone calls Chambers across the country will be getting tomorrow.

We get all kinds of calls. Today, someone called to ask if Fresno had UVerse yet.* I'm grateful we get these calls. It means we're recognized as a resource in the community. Oh, sometimes we complain, especially if the caller is rude or impatient. For the most part, it means that our industry (Chambers of Commerce) have done the right thing in positioning ourselves as purveyors of knowledge and connections. For free. Without obligation. That's why people call us all day long.

Imagine what could happen if you could position yourself this way. If you created an image of infinite connection and information. You would have people calling you ... and then you can start the conversation to convert them to customers, referrers, and resouces for you.

*I emailed one of our Ambassadors who works with AT&T. That caller is getting a personal response thanks to the Chamber.

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