More Reasons we Hold Back from Giving

A few more thoughts on why we don't give.

Besides the obvious fact that some people don't know that they'll get more if they give first and that it's what networking is build on, there are a few more reasons they hold back.

Depletion: "If I give it all away, I won't have anything left."
  • This is the product of a lack mentality, not an abundance mentality. Dedicated philanthropists believe that the more they give - even if it's money and their physical goods - the more they will get back. There are many things to give - support, encouragement, friendship, referrals - that never run out and only grow the more you spread it around.
Investment: "I don't think this person will ever return anything on my investment."
  • People will know if you're giving to them only to get something back from them in a short amount of time. They'll resent it and you'll feel that resistance, fulfilling your belief that you're not going to get something back.
  • Networking isn't a quid pro quo. Your generosity to one person might engender a response from an entirely different person. Your willingness to serve, give, and help out will enhance your reputation in a way that might be difficult to measure.
  • There are also some people who, for one reason or another, aren't capable and will never be capable of paying you or anyone else back. You need to find a little room for charity in your business life.
Need: "Right now, I have nothing left to give."
  • If you're dealing with loss, illness, or other difficult emotions, sometimes you just can't give. Now is the time that all the investments you made in other people's lives will return benefits back to you. We can't all give all the time; sometimes other people get the enjoyment of helping us.
  • Burnt out? Maybe it's time to refresh and refocus. Take a break and make sure you are taking care of yourself.

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