Is it Networking or Selling?

There's a very fine line between networking and selling. Networking can lead to selling, but it's only one of many reasons to network. If we get focused on the sales aspect, we put pressure on ourselves to push our products or services when we would be better off working on the relationship for the long run.

I see a lot people who are very new to business join the Chamber. I can sense that they sometimes have to force themselves to go to a mixer or other networking event. I wish they could realize it would be a lot easier to meet a roomful of strangers if your main goal was to get to know them, not sell them at the first meeting. That's cold calling! Who likes cold-calling? And, instead of doing it by phone, where at least you can't see their face when they say "no", you're standing right in front of them.

It sounds like a paradox, but if you're new to networking or a bit shy, you'll accomplish more by not trying to sell while you're networking. You'll be more comfortable and people around you will be more responsive.

Take the pressure off - don't "cold call" at networking events.

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