Making a Committment

I voted first thing this morning because my philosophy is "You can't complain if you didn't vote."

I'm still thinking about the power of consistency and how doing the simple little things each day make the difference between success and a slow decline into failure. You set yourself up for success when you incorporate simple positive actions into my daily life.

In thinking about ways to build consistency, I've decided to pick two things and challenge myself to do them every single day for 100 days.

  • The first challenge is to do at least 25 pushups every single day. Girl pushups at first, but on day 100, let's see if I can do 25 full pushups non-stop.
  • The second challenge is to write every day, either in the blog or on my book.

A public announcement of a goal, and an intention to tell people how it's going, is a great way to maintain consistency. If you start thinking about skipping a day, then you realize you'll have to "fess up" the next time someone asks. So it's easier to just get on the floor and do pushups than to admit you quit already.

I think the longer you go, the easier it is to keep going. If you do one day, then miss one and start over, you've only lost one day. But if you've done 90 days? No way are you going to start over.

Some people take this very seriously. Would you believe there is a United States Running Streak Association? Hey - it has nothing to do with naked people! A running streak is "running at least one continuous mile within each calendar day."

Can you start your own streak of something? Let me know if you're willing to take the challenge.

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