Writing Things Down

Scott Ginsberg is known as "That NameTag Guy". His blog, HelloMyNameIsScott, is one of several that I read regularly. Today is topic is to Write Everything Down.

That's one reason why I have a blog. To get into the habit of writing things down, especially the really interesting networking behavior that I get to observe as the membership director of the Clovis Chamber.

For example, I had a great conversation this morning with Sarah from Illumina Medical Spa. She asked me for information about an event they were interested in, which turned into a lead on another, better, opportunity for them. I was able to expand on their information in our database. She then gave me some excellent feedback on how the Clovis Chamber was working for her.

In fact, she was really enthusiastic about the service we've given them and the results they've had from their membership. Have we done anything out of the ordinary? Not from our perspective ... we want to treat all our members like Illumina Medical Spa. If you crack the door open just a little bit like they have, we'll come right in and get you involved in all sorts of good things.

What does this have to do with writing things down? Two things: First, I'm hoping Sarah will write down some of that good stuff because we love testimonials. Second, I realize that I've probably lost a lot of good ideas for our members and myself because I didn't write them down. Guess where I'll be writing down some of those ideas? Sure, right here. You're welcome to give me feedback on them. Or if you have an idea, email me and I'll post my take on it!

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