Gaining from Networking

The paradoxical thing about people who are really great at networking is that they're not trying to make sales, but they make a lot of sales through their networking. You sincerely must be interested in the relationship and not the sale ... but if you do that, you'll probably get the sale.

How do Great Networkers G.A.I.N. (tm)? Here's a great way to remember the key points:

G - Give first of yourself, your time, information, experience - give something of value

A - Ask questions about the other person, their life, their experiences, their dreams

I - Introduce them to someone else who is interested in their service or who would otherwise be helpful or even another great networker like yourself

N - Nurture the relationship by continuing to give, ask questions, and introduce them to others

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  1. Hi Beth,

    you are absolutely right. For many people it seems like a paradox that by NOT focusing on selling, you will in the end sell more.

    Focus on the other person and pro-actively ask how you can help him, what he is looking for, who he wants to be introduced to,...

    Do this without expecting anything in return.

    And then let the "networking magic" happen. This is about the universal law of "giving and receiving". If you can give without expecting anything in return, it will come back to you. But you don't know when and via which way. So be open for it and be grateful for what happens.

    Networking works !


    PS: free tips about networking can be found at and