Book Review: The Slight Edge

"The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson was given to me by a good friend, Sally Dove, who is in Pre-Paid Legal. One of the great things about top-quality direct marketing (or Multi-level Marketing) companies is that they expose their people to great speakers, trainers and books.

In fact, "The Slight Edge" was written by a man who has made a fortune in a number of different MLM companies - proving that it's not necessarily the product, but the system.

A Google search for jeff olson slight edge reveals several places to buy the book (it's not available on Amazon) and a number of sites that have reprinted an article that Jeff Olson himself wrote which summarizes the book.

But here's an even shorter summary: The Slight Edge is based on small and easy disciplines, applied consistently over time to create big accomplishments.

That's it. Drink one less soda each day. Call one more prospect each day. Exercise for just 10 minutes each day. Save just $1 each day. Small, easy things that consistently done will add up to pounds lost each year, sales made, health gained, wealth made. So easy.

So why don't we do them? Because they're just as easy to NOT do. If you have a donut today, it won't kill you or make you fat. Today. But if you have a donut every day ... well, in a few months your pants don't fit.

There's no immediate negative feedback to not doing these things today. And there's usually no immediate positive feedback. It's hard to encourage yourself to keep going day after day when there's no reward right now. You must have faith that the results will come with sustained effort.

The book is an excellent resource, worth reading and re-reading. It's the textbook on how to apply the wisdom from all the other books you read, tapes you listen to, and people you learn from. It is the foundation on which to build your efforts.

Does The Slight Edge work? I did an experiement, just to make sure, ha ha - like I know better than Jeff Olson. I called it the Great Flossing Experiement. My last cleaning at the dentist was a little rough, and Diane, my hygenist, once more gave me "the Lecture" on flossing. I left there with a sore mouth and the thought that I would show her! I decided to floss every day.

It would be a new habit to incorporate into my routine. First, I timed it: 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, max. Then, I put the floss in a place where I couldn't miss it in the morning, with my Arbonne skin care and makeup. Finally, I imagined every day how surprised Diane would be at my next cleaning.

The first day, I actually felt worse, since my gums were still tender. Not great positive feedback to be encouraged by, but I knew that I had to keep going. After a couple weeks, it got easier. A couple months later, I realized I still had that just-cleaned feeling.

Finally, the results: my last cleaning was so easy it was ridiculous. We spent more time catching up (she's been my hygenist for 10 years) than catching plaque. The dentist, Dr. James Gordon, came in and said with mock disgust, "There's nothing here for me to look at."

Sure, it seems like a small thing, but flossing is important for your overall health. And it proves that something you do for 1 1/2 minutes each day can create a significant impact.

Hm, to what else can I apply this slight edge? Maybe ... writing? Maybe ... membership sales? Maybe ... networking? We'll find out together.

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