Is the Space Time Continuum Affecting Your Networking?

I used to think that the reason I'd see so many networking friends wherever I went was because I spent too much time networking. Or because Fresno and Clovis are part of a small world. But now I think it has more to do with the space time continuum. Specifically with the effects of massive objects on the space time continuum, which is where gravity comes from.

Illustration from Flickr by Rodrigo Senna

Since the math is incredibly complicated, the History Channel usually uses a sheet of rubber, a bowling ball, and a ping pong ball to explain how a large object (the bowling ball) distorts the fabric of space time (the rubber sheet). Then the smaller object (the ping pong ball) is introduced. If it's sent toward the bowling ball on an angle, it will orbit around until it runs out of energy and is irresistibly drawn into the bowling ball. Here's the video clip.

We (individuals) are the lighter objects. Our favorite groups (yes, even the Chamber) are like the larger objects. Their massive size has a greater effect on the fabric of space time (i.e. the community we are in). We're drawn in, where we meet many of the same people who are in the area and are attracted by the same gravity that affected us.

So networking outside of our regular groups is like fighting the forces of gravity. It takes extra effort to move further away from the massive objects that have a strong attraction. Look how much energy it takes to launch a space craft out of the Earth's gravity well.

Okay, maybe the analogy isn't perfect. But the next time your favorite networking adviser nags you to go somewhere different and get out of your comfort zone, you can blame it on the space time continuum. Who can fight that?

P.S. It's also a great excuse for being late. "Hey, space and time are the same thing, so really I've been here all along."

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