This Sales Presentation Wasn't Networking

I volunteered to listen to a sales presentation today. A friend of mine is new to her company. The regional person was in town and asked her to set up appointments with her friends. While I was up front with her that I just was not interested in the business, she asked me if I was still willing because it was good training for her. No problem, as long as she understood I wasn't ready to be part of the company.

It really wasn't a problem. I was so glad to hear from her after not seeing her for nearly a year, it was worth it to get back in touch with her. And, I love to meet successful people who are in sales because I can always learn something.

What a lesson I got!

The regional person was very well-spoken and engaging. He told personal stories, he related the information to everyday life, and he didn't tell me that it would be work-free. All very positive, right? Part of a good sales pitch, right? No pretense, just a good presentation.

Except for two major things. First of all, at no point did he ask if I found it interesting, or if I thought I could do this, or if I was ready to sign up. Personally, I think you should ask for the sale early on, because if they're ready to go, why waste their time with a pitch. And if they're not interested, best to find out early so my time isn't wasted. And if he had asked me questions, I would have been reassured that he thought I was a living, human being.

Second, he forgot my name. I know this because he had to ask me what it was about 10 minutes into the presentation, even though I'd told him when we were introduced.

Oh, and I have the same name as his daughter which I know because he told me so when we were introduced the first time.

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  1. Great post, Barry! Keep 'em comin'.
    P.S. My niece's friend's name is Barry, and she likes strawberries, so I shouldn't have a problem.
    Anyway, Chuck, good post.