The Best Thing You Can Give

I took about a half hour on a three way phone call today with Sally Dove and Cindy Garrett, Clovis Chamber Ambassadors and good friends of mine, showing them how to use Twitter. It was a gift of time, but not in the way you think.

You expect that the gift is the time I spent with them on the phone. That's not a gift, it was an investment I made in people I care about. I call it an investment because I am richly rewarded by their friendship and the help they give me in finding new members for the Clovis Chamber.

The gift I gave them was the time they will save in having to figure out how Twitter works. They won't have to spend the same time and energy I did in figuring it out, instead they can jump into it at a higher place on the learning curve than they would have on their own.

I'm not selfish with any knowledge I have - whatever is in my brain that is worthwhile, is yours too! In no way does it hurt me that someone else doesn't have to spend the same effort learning something. In fact, when it's a friend or a business partner, it helps me. The time they save in learning what I already know can be spent on something else productive. And if my friends are successful, I'm successful.

P.S. I recommend following Sally and Cindy on Twitter here: @SallyDove and @Sis-ters for Women

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