Study Says: Effective Networking Increases Business Income & Success

There are two keys to this aspect of this result.

First, it is effective networking. Not doing it only when you need a new job or business is slow, but engaging in consistent, steady networking. Harvey Mackay calls it digging your well before you're thirsty.

Second, 19% of elite networkers believe it has a dramatic impact on income, with the potential to increase revenue or salary by 70 - 100%. In contrast, only 11% of non-elite networkers believe this.

Hm, perhaps the elite believe it because they have experienced the benefits.

It's much easier to accept that there are benefits of networking once you've enjoyed some of them. So conversely, sometimes it's tough to trust in the potential results if you haven't tried it at all or enough to say you gave it a real try. Can you just take the word of those who have had great success through networking?

It works ... now go out and do some!

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