A Wider View of the City

It's easy to forget that Fresno lies right at the feet of the Sierra Nevada foothills because you can only see the mountains a few days a year. With the rain that we're getting, the air is crystal clear. The mountains are immediate and present, all along the eastern side of Clovis which is snugged up between Fresno and the foothills.

It's a very different view of the city, to have these mountains almost looming over the city. And even though nothing else is changed, it alters the city atmosphere for me. It feels like an earlier era when Fresno was a frontier town. And it gives the area a more "sporty" sensation - as if hiking, camping, and skiing are just around the corner. They are already, but when the city is blanked with smog, it's easy to forget.

Are there great parts of your life that get covered over? Could your days feel different if you just got a little wider view? If you could just get a fresh perspective, would you see a better future?

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