If You Must Make Resolutions, Part 1

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. First, the vast majority of them are broken by Valentine's Day and I avoid setting myself up for failure. Second, and more importantly, I make decisions to change my habits when I need to, not when the calendar changes.

But if you must make resolutions, let me offer a few to help you be a more effective networker.

Networking Resolution #1: I will be more consistent.

People who find their networking is progressing in fits and starts are inconsistent in their activity level. It doesn't take a lot of showing up for people to think that you are always there and that you have always been there. If you can make 3/4 of your association's events, you will become a familiar face to the organizers and they will point you out as an example and a resource for new people.

If you are going to join an organization, wait until you are certain you can make several events in a row. The only thing worse than having people not know who you are is having them know you as "that person who showed up only once."

Frontloading your attendance will also accelerate the process of becoming familiar and perceived as always being there. I've been a regular in one of my groups for so long now that people say they saw me at an event when I wasn't there!

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