Think Networking Won't Benefit Your Business?

If you think you've got the one kind of business that won't benefit from networking, try being a restaurant owner. For years I've said that if you want a business that will consume every minute of your life, open a restaurant. It's the reason we started the Lunch Bunch at the Clovis Chamber, so that our restaurant members can at least have some interaction, even if we have to go to them.

But Justin Levy, General Manager and Partner at Caminito Steakhouse, has completely broken the mold of the invisible restaurateur. He has had incredible results for his restaurant business using social networking. He increased his business 25% over last year while reducing his advertising expenditures by 80%.

Instead of spending money on newspapers, billboards, and radio, Justin spends his time on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and his blogs. The Prime Cuts blog focuses on cooking, food, tips, and gadgets. The content-heavy site results in regular traffic, which Justin uses to increase his brand recognition and credibility. One of the biggest benefits to Justin's high volume of social networking activity? Google rankings. A search for steakhouses in Northampton, Massachusetts brings up Caminito as number one on the list.

If you still think that you can't network, or your business won't benefit from social networking, get in touch with Justin through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or his blog. He'll tell you otherwise.

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