Bribery Works for Grown Ups, Too

As I start planning the 2009 mixers for the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, I have decided to resort to bribery. At yesterday's Lunch Bunch, I made this announcement and asked what everyone else thought. Because I feel conflicted. On the one hand, I think people should network without any need for enticements such as food, drink, or prizes. On the other hand, there are a lot of activities out there competing for attendees' time.

There were mixed opinions, but it was Bruno Novi who helped me decide to focus on better incentives. Bruno never said anything about bribery. In fact, he's on the opposite side. He goes to networking events solely for the people he will meet.

But when I reasoned that mixers with more food, drink, and other attractions would draw more people, Bruno said that the larger crowd would be attractive to him.

So, draw more people who are drawn to the treats, get more people who are drawn by the larger amount of people.

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