How Do You Keep Track?

How good is your contact management system? If six months go by before you realize you haven't seen someone you really like, then (to quote Jeffrey Gitomer) your system sucks.

I think there are very few people out there who have an airtight setup where no one gets forgotten. It's an aspect of networking where I suspect nearly everyone is far off the mark in keeping track of friends, prospects and customers.

Used to be, I thought that CRM (customer or contact relation management) was sad. How could you let a computer program manage your relationships? Foolish me. Keeping in touch with people is good no matter what tool you use.

What does your system look like? We all laugh ruefully along with our "shoebox" and "pile" friends about our own leaky systems, but in the end it's a terrible thing when we realize we've missed some wonderful people for too long.

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  1. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Good questions, Beth. The reality is that technology has become a necessity for small businesses and associations to help them "level the playing field" with their larger counterparts.

    When I lived in Las Vegas, my favorite hole-in-the-wall, family-owned pizza joint had a GREAT CRM system. Each time I called, they'd ask "Would you like the XYZ Pizza again?" or something similar because they had my entire order history right there. And once, my order took way too long to prepare, so the owner said "your next order is free....and order a lot." Next time I called, they reminded me that my order would be free. Wow!

    Technology can't cure all ills, though. Small businesses need to use CRM technology to HELP them manage the relationship. The underlying concepts of delivering good service and being personal with your customers will be made even better with effective CRM.