Causing Chain Reactions and Waves

Could I have started a chain reaction yesterday?

No, I didn't slam on my breaks in the middle of Shaw and Blackstone Avenues. I presented 18 people with ideas, suggestions, and strategies for social networking. If I'm completely successful, each one of those people will get online and start increasing their personal visibility and credibility. As they start seeing benefits from their actions, they'll tell other people. They might even share some tips or knowledge of their own. Those people may be enthusiastic and they'll share ... etc. There's your chain reaction.

This is what every internet marketer hopes they can do with their product - go viral. Very rarely does it happen that way for a small business owner using the web to promote. It's more like dropping pebbles in a pond. Each one causes waves for a little while, then they subside. You have to keep dropping pebbles in to keep the waves going. But if you keep going, you can throw harder, or drop bigger pebbles and the waves get larger and go on longer. Even better, you can recruit others to help you.

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