Are You King of the Geeks?

"Yeah, but the thing is I'm kinda like the leader, y'know...kinda like the King of the Dips#!$s."
- Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles.

It's okay to be king of the geeks. Be confident when you are marketing yourself (i.e. networking). You don't have to be the greatest in the world. You can be the best in your town, an expert in a specific target market or the leader of your group. As you gain more experience and develop more expertise, you expand the sphere of your influence and therefore enlarge your "kingdom".

Are you the king or queen of something? Hugely famous in a very tiny specialized niche? Be proud and develop this expertise. You'll find it easier to network and grow your reputation.

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  1. I appear to be the queen of the mommies but not the world. I haven't found a way to capitalize on it..yet;).