Selling to Execs

I asked a prospective member what it would take to get them to mixers or other Chamber networking events.

"More executive-level decision-makers so I can sell my B2B (business to business) products. I don't want to meet Mary-Kay ladies."

First, don't be dissin' Mary-Kay ladies. They are usually the most gracious and well-dressed people you'll ever know!

Second, there's a good reason why executives and high-level decision makers tend not to go to general networking events. They get swarmed by people making sales pitches to them.

They tend to participate in much more focused activities. Or they go to events where there is a cost to participate. This serves as a filter and a barrier to entry that protects them from the most shallow of B2B sales people.

Do you want to sell to corporate execs? Networking is one good way to do it, but pitching them at a public event isn't networking. Remember, networking isn't selling, it's marketing. Marketing takes time. Target your market, be where they are, but don't make them feel uncomfortable around you. Develop a relationship based on mutual benefit. That's networking.

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