In the Future, Everyone will be Connected

To misquote Andy Warhol:

"In the future, everyone will be third-degree connections with the world."

While browsing Questions and Answers on LinkedIn, I saw a question posted by Thomas Friedman. If your answer was helpful, he said, it might be featured in an updated version of "Hot, Flat, and Crowded." I was a bit surprised to see that I was a second-degree connection to him, but assumed it was through one of the LinkedIn Open Networker's I'm connected to.

Imagine how impressed I was to see it was through Craig Scharton at the CVBI! So I had to ask Craig how he knew Thomas Friedman. Craig answered one of Thomas' questions, invited him to connect, and to come speak at the Incubator. I can't wait for that! Look at the connection Craig now has - just for asking.

This illustrates how we're able to connect with people we may never have met or had the chance to communicate with directly or who we would otherwise have to stalk. Who knows? You might be a friend or two away from one of your favorite celebrities. No not Brittney Spears, a real hero of the business world, like Jeffrey Gitomer (I'm 3rd degree) or John C. Maxwell.

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