Multi-Multi-Multi Tasking

Right now, I am moderating the Clovis Chamber Speed Networking event. In between rounds, Rachel Greaves and I are filming short promo videos of Speed Networking. I'll try to post the most successful of these tomorrow.

I'm taking this as a lesson in creating multiple layers of promotion and making multiple connections between online resources. I'll use this video on my own blog, maybe the Chamber blog, and on our website to help promote the event to future Speed Networkers. There's a new feature on LinkedIn that may even allow me to post this video as a presentation.

Everything we do today must serve many purposes to get the best ROI. Our marketing and promotion efforts need to be flexible and alive.

Let's see if I can get some video testimonials for Speed Networking from the participants when we're done. Again, multiple layers. They help promote the event and the Chamber, but they'll also get exposure for their own businesses if we use their clip on the website.

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