Consistency and Patience - I want them now!

As I sit here contemplating the prospect of participating in the Trail of 2 Cities Marathon Relay in just a few weeks, I am painfully aware that consistency is the key to success. I say "painfully" because I haven't been training like I should for the Relay. While I know I can walk 7.5 miles whether or not I've been training, the difference is being able to walk the day after the Relay.

Like so many things, it would have been easy to do. Just get out there every day and hit the pavement. But again, like so many things, it's easy to not do. I have an excuse - we've been painting, scrubbing, and moving into our new house - but then there's always something that is going to get in the way.

So the big challenge in life is this: How do you consistently do the small daily steps that lead to success?

The glib answer is "make it a habit". Most things are not time consuming: flossing takes 2 minutes, a little exercise maybe 20 minutes, take your vitamins - 2 minutes, read something educational for 10 minutes, blogging - 10 minutes, etc.

The hard part is once you've make the list of the 17 little things you need to do each day. Then it really adds up and you're spending two hours on maintenance. Ha ha, not that I'm "high maintenance."

I think that habits, efficiency, having a system, and making it fun are all key to getting all this done. I'm working on it and will keep you posted.

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