Would you PLEASE Join Toastmasters (before I listen to another one of your teleseminars)

I enjoy listening to free, archived online teleseminars. Especially while I'm doing repetitive database work. I'll do a search for whatever topic I'm interested in, plus the words free and teleseminars.

There are a lot of them out there. I recommend you do the same so you can take advantage of these great opportunities to learn. Why are there so many out there? They are a powerful way for speakers, coaches, and authors to promote themselves, their services, and their books.

Except when they can't speak.

I've listed to some where the presenter peppers their information with uh, um, you know, and, uhhhhh. But I haven't listed for long. The greatest, most useful, and helpful information in the world is not going to be useful to anyone if the message is not delivered well.

Please, please get some objective feedback from a trained evaluator. Your nearest Toastmasters club will be happy to provide one.

If your speech is studded throughout with those conversation stoppers, please, please join Toastmasters. And then I promise to listen to all your teleseminars.


  1. Great rant Beth,

    I love it when anyone points out that communicating information is not really about the information - it's about the delivery. And, it's not just webinar speakers who need to go back to school. It's just about everyone in conferences, conventions, keynotes, breakouts and training sessions of all kinds.


  2. Beth,

    I hope I am not terribly guilty of that but I am joining Toastmasters none the less. We are forming a group next week in our community.