You Have to Want the Results Badly Enough

We've been talking about motivating ourselves to network. It's hard these days to make ourselves do one more thing, even if we know it's something good for us. It's even harder if we're not a huge fan of networking. Now, if you hate networking, that's another issue and you've got a harder task. Let's assume that you are okay with networking, but you don't love it just for the sake of doing it. So if you're not extra-enthusiastic, how do you motivate yourself to network?

You don't have to love the process, you just have to love, want, and need the results.

Who likes to diet? But we all love fitting into a smaller size and feeling healthier.

Lots of people don't really enjoy getting sweaty and out-of-breath from exercise, but they do enjoy getting stronger, improving their quality of life and maybe fitting into that pair of pants in the back of the closet.

Maybe you don't really want to get up and go to work every day, but you strongly desire the result of having money to pay for a place to live and food for your children.

Again, if you hate work, or networking, or exercising, it's going to be less fun and harder to motivate yourself. But if you want the positive results badly enough, you'll do it. And it could eventually make the path to getting there a lot less unpleasant. Who knows, you might even enjoy the process some day.

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